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Opportunity, Responsibility, and Hard Work
Property Taxes

Our priorities include ending annual property tax assessments by repealing the disastrous Assessment Demonstration Program (ADP).


In the Legislature, our first act will be to introduce legislation that repeals the ADP and ends annual property tax assessments. 


Vincent's opponent, Declan O’Scanlon, literally wrote the law that created this harmful program.  For the last six years, ADP’s annual adjustments to an individual home or commercial property’s assessed value has wreaked havoc and hurt so many hard working people.


When Senator O’Scanlon wrote the law, he sold annual property tax assessments to other lawmakers as a way to achieve true tax reform.  In practice, his program has been a disaster for taxpayers and a windfall for the special interests and the politically connected. 


And here’s the worst part: out of the 21 counties in New Jersey, only Monmouth was forced into this awful program.  This is Vincent's  opponent’s gift to us and it’s been costing you an arm and a leg for far too long.  


This is the worst public policy Declan O’Scanlon has authored in his twenty-seven years of elected office.  The middle class is getting hosed.


He wrote the law to start it.  On Day One, we'll write the law to get rid of it.

Safe Communities

In Monmouth County, it’s not about how much money is in your bank account or the type of car that you drive.  We live in communities where people look out for one another.  A place where you help a neighbor in need, lift up those who serve as police or volunteer first responders, and above all else, take pride in your community.


Among the many things COVID-19 has reminded us is the importance of frontline workers and first responders.   In Trenton, we will always support our police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.  If you’re a neighbor helping a neighbor, know this: we’ve got your back.


The values that these heroes live by - opportunity, responsibility, and hard work - are sorely lacking in Trenton.


We live in a competitive global marketplace.  Lifetime learning for every citizen is critical to building prosperity in the Garden State.

The quality of our schools is the most important return on a taxpayer’s investment. 


Each year, New Jersey collects roughly $65 billion from the state income and property taxes.  $29 billion is spent on public education.  Our objective is to sustain outstanding education opportunities for Monmouth County residents while stabilizing the burden on property taxpayers.  A first step is consolidating certain functions into one countywide administrative district.  We’ll keep control over curriculum and hiring at the local level while reducing the administrative costs borne by the taxpayer.


Emphasizing New Jersey values of opportunity, responsibility, and hard work involves more than just lip service.  We can do this while also encouraging service in our communities.  In Trenton, we will introduce legislation that expands the first responder Volunteer Tuition Credit Program and the New Jersey National Guard Tuition Program. 


For those seeking opportunity and willing to accept the responsibility, the expansion of these two programs will improve the safety of our communities while contributing to a strong economy. 


Investment in New Jersey's infrastructure is critical to guaranteeing high-paying jobs for our people and ensuring the condition of the power grid and the roads, bridges, ports, and railways that are central to New Jersey industry.  


How many people across Monmouth County are tired of losing electricity more times than we care to count?  How many people drive to work on roads in disrepair?  And how many people are tired of paying more for less when it comes to using those roads?


We will work to increase the state’s investment in low-cost loans to towns and counties for transportation and water infrastructure projects.  New Jersey realizes the benefits of improvements to infrastructure at local and county levels and receives the money back, plus interest. 


This is the type of innovative net zero approach to infrastructure investment that is a win win for taxpayers.

Small Businesses

The Garden State is home to one of the most diverse populations in the United States.


In addition to human capital, the state’s proximity to major metropolitan areas, innovation economy, and high education rates foster the conditions for our industries to compete in a global marketplace. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, retail and manufacturing businesses in the our communities struggled.  One year later, we find ourselves pressed to take urgent action.


We can create opportunity by creating jobs and improving the business climate in Monmouth County.  We are committed to making it easier for entrepreneurs to open and do business.


We also disagree with those who want to tax and spend our way out of the present crisis.  Instead, New Jersey’s business and fiscal policies should expand our tax base as a means to increase revenue.

Reform Government

There are those in Trenton who prefer publicity to finding solutions.  State lawmakers work within a culture dominated by special interests.  Those at the highest echelons of government, whether they are elected or serving in the bureaucracy, cash in on their connections and influence for their own personal gain.  It’s no surprise that people distrust politics and believe that politicians have failed to deliver.  In many ways, they have.


As taxpayers, we are also frustrated that we get little back from the investment we make in government each year. 


We meet with people from all walks of life.  What they tell us is remarkably similar.  They pay more and get less.  They have little influence in how policies with a direct impact on their ability to feed their families are implemented. 


Social media voices -- paid for by Democrats, Republicans, and other special interests -- stoke their justifiable anger and tell them that everyone is a crook.  This is not how our system of government was designed to work. 


People deserve leaders willing to take responsibility for New Jersey’s problems. 


We need public servants who challenge themselves, their colleagues, and even their constituents to make tough choices.  That is how we set New Jersey on the path to sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.


New Jersey’s Thirteenth Legislative District is home to traditional downtowns and dense residential neighborhoods set beside the environmental treasures of the Raritan Bay coastline, Atlantic Ocean, and the Navesink River.


As a high school student at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (M.A.S.T.), Vincent led monthly beach clean ups and persuaded the National Park Service to stop giving plastic straws - the number one marine debris - out at concessions stands.


Erin serves on the Fair Haven Green Team where she works to implement sustainable change for her community.


Protecting our planet involves more than pie in the sky. rhetoric.  It requires individuals to take action wherever they are.  In Trenton, we will be champions of protecting our natural resources.

Veterans Affairs

As a Veteran, Vincent knows firsthand the challenges faced by sisters and brothers who wore our country’s uniform.  New Jersey Veterans have earned our respect and deserve to be treated with the care and dignity that they have earned.  Ensuring the fulfillment of that promise means expanding access to state veterans services to ensure that they receive access to quality healthcare, disability claims and appeals, and housing.


We will expand the number of Veterans Service Officers assigned to Monmouth County.  


We will also introduce legislation to establish a Veterans Court.  One out of five Veterans suffers from mental issues or other cognitive impairments.  One out of six Veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have issues with substance abuse.  We have to do better.  A Veterans Court in New Jersey allows judges and prosecutors to work directly with Veterans who commit low level offenses, especially those with service-related illnesses, to ensure that the focus is on rehabilitation, not retribution.


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